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  • Les Miserables
  • Jesus Christ Superstar
  • The Help
  • The Yankles
  • Selma

TrinityFilm is a monthly film series sponsored by Trinity Moravian Church that focuses on movies that move the heart, films that speak to the spirit...Cinema That Stirs the Soul!™

The films selected for the TrinityFilm Series will largely be films you won't see anywhere else in the Triad. Many of them are independent films that have not achieved wide distribution in the US. Some are foreign films that have not had theatrical distribution in the US at all. Others are classics judged to have strong values for this series, films that bear seeing again. All are films that in one way or another are works of cinematic art, and which have a strong spiritual message.

Most of these films will inspire you, some will challenge your comfort, others may even upset you; but after seeing them your perspective on your own faith will be clearer.

Unlike most film series, admission to TrinityFilm is usually FREE.  Showings will be followed by a discussion for those who wish to participate.  All films are properly licensed for exhibition.  READ THE ARTICLE Is Your Church Breaking the Law?

Win a Poster! 

Each month, when permitted by licensing, we will hold a drawing to give away a framed movie poster!

The personal opinions and theological positions expressed in movies featured by TrinityFilm do not represent the position of Trinity Moravian Church or the Moravian Church, Southern Province.

Upcoming Films

TrinityFilm brings you films that explore spiritual values and the human experience of God's grace.  Upcoming films include:

  • Selma
  • Lord, Save Us From Your Followers
  • Let the Church Say Amen!

View our full schedule and descriptions here: SCHEDULE

Movies, Church, and the Law

Did you know that it is not legal for churches (or libraries, schools, camps, or any other organization) to show DVD movies on their premises without the purcahse of a special license?  Those DVDs that you buy at the supercenter or rent from the local rental store are licensed for home use only -- and the Supreme Court has ruled that home means your living room maybe with a few friends, but nothing else!

Learn how you can legally exhibit movies in your church (or just let the children watch cartoons in nursery) by reading Rev. Jackman's article Is Your Church Breaking the Law? 

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